How To DIY Place Order
  1. You need to get the shipping address of our warehouse if you decided to use our Reship Service but not Assisted Purchase Service.

  2. To receive the shipping address, you need to click the Oops™ DIY Reship Service under Order at menu bar and press Warehouse Addresses button at the bottom of the page.

    Step 02

  3. Please don't forget about the Mailbox Number. Due to security reason, we might reject package which is not registered in our system or without Mailbox Number. To avoid confusion, we don't accept COD (Cash On Delivery) package, surface mail and any package without tracking number.

    Step 03

  4. The following is an example on how to fill up shipping address form at

    Step 04

  5. Once you placed an order, your seller will provide you a tracking number. You must register the tracking numbers into our system as soon as you received them.

  6. To register package's tracking number, please go to Oops™ DIY Reship Service page, switch to Incoming tab and press Register Package button.

    Step 06

  7. Try your best to fill in the required information. If you're unsure about whether your purchase is considered as normal goods, sensitive goods, prohibited or restricted, please check Prohibited Items page or contact us prior to purchasing. Press the Save button or Save & Continue button if you want to add more packages.

    Step 07