LCL SEA Calculation

The LCL Sea Freight rate is calculated according to the gross volume or the weight of the shipment, if weight/volume ratio exceed 500kg per cubic meter (CBM).

In the case of volume, the largest rectangular dimensions apply. The packages must be measured at the outermost points and the cm figures rounded to whole numbers (e.g. 34.2cm = 35cm, 50.5cm = 51cm, etc.). The result is rounded to 1/10 cubic meter.

In the case of several packages, the results are first rounded and then added.

The volume of packages are defined as follows:
  Volume (CBM or m3) = L x W x H of the packages (cm) / 1000000

Example 01

Number of packages: 1
Actual Weight: 50KG
Actual Volume:

60cm x 50cm x 40cm / 1000000
= 120000cm3 / 1000000
= 0.12CBM

Chargeable Volume: 0.5CBM

Example 02

Number of packages: 10
Actual Weight: 550KG
Actual Volume:

(50cm x 30cm x 20cm / 1000000) x 10
= (30000cm3 / 1000000) x 10
= 0.3CBM

Weight Volume Conversion:

550kg / 500 = 1.1CBM

Chargeable Volume: 1.1CBM